Saturday, November 14, 2015


In today's class, my group discussed about features that we would like to incorporate into Aviation. We decided to allow all players to select an airport that they would like to designate as their hub at the beginning. Players who land on their hubs will receive one less time zone costs from landing cards which include fuel and repairs than those who do not. 

Another feature that we added is to allow players to create congestions in air traffic. Players can fly to airports that other players are trying to reach to prevent them from landing. We have created a point system where players will receive one point for reaching an airport, two points for completing a destination card with a small plane and three points for reaching a destination with a big plane. Players will use a marker and lamented scorecards to keep track of their points.

We have chosen sixteen airports across the United States with four airports from each of the four time zones as possible destinations. In regards to connecting flights, players will receive bonus points if they manage to complete two destination cards through one flight. 

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