Thursday, November 12, 2015

Game mechanics

     This week in class we decided to work on the core mechanics and the general outline of our game. Everyone brought in their ideas for the game and we just had to decide which ideas works best for the theme of the game. First Sal proposed that our board would be the map of the USA and that it would be split into time zones. The more time zones a player passes the more points he would get but it would also cost him more resources. This was an idea that everyone agreed on as it made sense and also fitted the theme of the game perfectly. Then we were thinking of having event cards at every time zone so that a player would draw one as he passes from one time zone to another. These cards would either have a good or bad outcome. However we replaced it with another idea as the event cards could have not worked well together. The other idea was having wind cards instead of event cards for every time zone. But we also changed that idea as it didn’t fit to our theme. So we decided to go back to the original idea of having landing cards at every airport instead.
     The other point we were discussing was the type of resources in the game. At first we wanted to have two type of resources, fuel and money. However the professor suggested that we should have time instead of money as it fits the theme of the game better. These resources would be used in the game to fly from one airport to another and also be used for upgrades. Everyone in the group liked the idea of time and fuel as resources a lot so we decided to go with that idea. Finally, we decided that everyone should make their own design for cards and then we would pick the one that we like the most next week.

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