Friday, December 4, 2015

New Additions Week 4

In our fourth week of work, we noticed that memory for players would be a problem.  Players would have to memorize where a plane started and how long a plane has been immobile due to congestion.  To solve this, we marked planes, purchased pawns, marked pawns, and marked chips.  We purchased pawns to indicate where a plane starts a connecting flight.  We marked planes and pawns with corresponding numbers to prevent further confusion.  Also we marked chips to indicate which player caused congestion and when other planes can fly again. 

We also finalized how the Mechanic cards work.  Originally, mechanics were going to be paid off at the same cost as 1 fuel.  To make the mechanic card have some value other than a fuel, we made 1 mechanic at the value of 2 fuel and 2 mechanics at the value of 3 fuel. 

Another change we made was to the board.  Originally, Atlanta International did not have a direct flight to O'Hare because O'Hare already had 4 flight paths.  We disconnected one of the flight paths from O'Hare and connected it to Atlanta instead. This was because physically, it looked like Atlanta and O'Hare were close and the means to travel between the two were very indirect.

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