Friday, December 4, 2015

Last week!

For the last week of this game all we had to do is finish printing the board and the cards. We also had to order the flags that are to be used for the connecting flight. So first we finished the graphical design of the rest of the cards that weren’t done and the rest of the board. Then we all met up at the library where we printed all of the cards and the board. After we printed all of the cards we just glued all of the cards to the backs. Then we went to Staples to laminate the cards and the reference cards. Then we just had to cut the cards and then we were done with the cards. For the board we had to print out the different parts of the map and then glue them to the cardboard. We also had to add a layer of glue on top of the board instead of laminating it. The reason why we decided not to laminate it is because we want to be able to fold the board.
After we finished the cards and the board we were pretty much done with the final game. All we have to do now is playtest our game with the guests on Friday!

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